Note from the authour Edit

love making Fanfictions. Alot. If you want your OC to be in this, ask me and I will tell you.

Bee cool,Starflightoffire

Chapter One: Secret of the Timestone Edit

Mabel and Dipper were fighting. Again. " It so does exist!" "No it dosent Mabel!" Arguing about what? Timetravel. Simple stuff. Mabel walked away in a huff as J.D. Ran over. "Fighting again?" "Yep." J.D. Let out a long sigh. "Well on a better note," J.D. Said triumphantly. "I found this." He showed dipper a glowing purple and black stone. "What is it?" Dipper said. "I call it timestone. I can travel forward or back about 10 years with this thing." "WHAT?! Let me try it out." Booming noises sounded from the timestone. And then, with the force of 100 moons crashing into dipper, he was sent forward into time.

Chapter two: In the future Edit