The Werewolf Watches is an episode of Gravity Falls and features Werewolves.


The Werewolf Watches first starts as our two twin heroes Dipper and Mabel went out into the woods to take some photos for Grunkle Stan. Time has passed by as Dipper and Mabel entereted the Deep Woods which was the darker and more dangerous side of the woods, they encounter a large and hairy creature. Dipper takes a photo of this beast, but it ran away to quickly and all Dipper got was a photo of the Werewolf running. Dipper and Mabel come back to the Mystery Shack to show Grunkle Stan, but Stan thinks the twins just saw a regular wolf. So Dipper and Mabel try to convince the town that a Werewolf watches and lurks around Gravity Falls. The town doesn't believe the twins and think they are just acting crazy again, but then a suprise happens in the middle of the daytime where the twins spot the Werewolf and chase after it. The Werewolf is finally caught by Mabel, but then the Werewolf grabs her and throws her leaving her hurt. Soos then gets informed about this and thinks it's the Mailman, so he decides to gather the town around and tell them about the Werewolf again, but used Mabel as evidence due to the claw mark on her arm (due to her not wearing a sweater when the incident happened). The town is finally convinced and form an angry mob and head out into the forest to conquer the beast once and for all.



  • One of the people in the angry mob was wearing a blue striped shirt, but a second later he was wearing a green striped shirt.