Stan and Stanley are seen entering in a temple,each with a torch.They arrive to a door.They put in a strange symbol and the door opens,they enter inside a big room with a very large table.They stand down.A strange man stands down too:Edit


Stan:Yes.Gideon met Vampire!

Leader:Is that all?


Leader:We're the Secret Society!We're The Royal Order of The Holy Mackerel!!You cannot lie to me!I'VE BEEN SPYING ON YOU!The kids know!About the secret lab,and about Stanley.

Stan:So what?They're just kids.

Leader:They posses Journal 3!I've bee watching them too!They've been looking into Journal 1 and 2 also!

Stan and Stanley:WHAT?

Leader:They already know too much!

Stanley:So what are you suggesting?

Leader:THEY SUMMONED BILL!!!With Journal 2!

Stan and Stanley:WHAT?!!?!?!?

Leader:They know too much to be left alive!They must be killed.

Stanley:But seen them!They're in the prophecy!You cannot kill them!They're meant to know!

Leader:We've got a signal!It's from the twins.But not the one from this time period.


In front of the shack:Edit

Someone is watching Dipper and Mable:Edit

Dipper:Mable,did you heard anything?

Teen-Boy:Yes,you did!

Mable:Who are you?

Teen-Girl:Hi Mable!

Dipper:You look like us!

Teen-Girl:Of course we do!We're you!I am Mable!

Teen-Boy:And I am Dipper.



FutureMable:It's true!

Mable:WOW!!!I look pretty!

FutureMable:We've always been looking pretty!*high five*

Dipper:So you're me?


Dipper:But how?How did you..I here?

FutureMable:Long story.

FutureDipper:We came here to advertise you!You're gonna be killed!

Dipper and Mable:WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dipper:Waaait.If we would be killed,you two wouldn't exist.

FutureMable:Exactly.That's why we came to save you...I,from dead,so we would continue existing!

FutureDipper:It's a Wibbly Wobley Time Wimey thing.

Dipper:So how exactly are we gonna escape from death?And who wants to kill us?

FutureMable:The Secret Society.

Mable:What is that?Sounds like a playground!

FutureDipper:It's not!It's a secret society in which Grunkle Stan and Stanley are in!

Mable:That's silly.Why would a society in which Grunkle Stan and Stanley are in want to kill us?

FutureDipper:They don't want to.Their leader forces them!

FutureMable:Dipper,we gotta hide,they're coming!

FutureDipper and FutureMable hide:Edit

Dipper:And what are we supposed to....Hi Grunkle Stan...Stanley..*sad*

Mable:Um..why are you sad?

Beep Beep!

Stanley:I've got a message...*Whispers*Stan,the leader called us!

Stan:Sorry kids!Gotta run!

In the temple:Edit

Leader:Leave them alive.They may be of use later.

Stanley:Phew!We don't have to kill them.

In front of the shack:Edit

FutureMable:Well..we got new memories.We're not gonna be killed!

FutureDipper:And btw,don't tell Stan or Stanley about the society.You shouldn't know about it yet.

Dipper and Mable:Bye!

Future Dipper and Mable teleports back to the future.Edit

Mable:What a strange day,right Dipper?


Mable:We'll be growing being them...

Dipper:We'll be coming to help our young selves too,at a point in time,because we seen us doing it..

The Radiations of the time travel made the sun be brighter.The scene moves to Antartica,where ice was melting.Edit

In the future:Edit

FutureMable:Home sweet....Home.....

FutureDipper:Oh my lord!

They arrive in a destructive future.Edit

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