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Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 2

Dipper goes to the forest with the cart to find his lost book.That's when the theme song starts.If you notice the whisper change every other 7 episodes this one says 'Be Careful'.After the Song,Dipper later ends up finding the manotaurs.He asks them to help them,they decide to help him.Meanwhile Mabel tells Soos to take care of Waddles and tries to find a boyfriend again and gets help from Wendy.Later on Lazy Susan comes to the house to play cards with Stan .Gideon is seen in his room reading the 2 book and he is seen with a new mystic amulet when he hears the manotaurs and dipper.All of them have a fight the manotaurs are defeated.Dipper runs away and Gideon uses his powers to fly and chase him. After the chase.Mabel tries to find a boyfriend and Wendy gives her advice.Soos is seen taking care of Waddles while Stan is playing cards with Lazy Susan.Meanwhile Dipper gets blasted by Gideon's Blast and Dipper manages to find a hiding spot,and then He finds the 1 book hidden in the bushes.Later on Mabel finds a boy named Jackson and they both love each other and live nearby.Wendy congratulates Mabel and they go to the shack.Gideon went back to his house but shouted to the woods he'll find Dipper when Dipper goes back to the Shack with his new book.The Manotaurs see him and give him a crystal they found in the woods.When Dipper gets back to the house and his room with Mabel they both talk about the day they had when Dipper hides his book under the pillow and goes to sleep.When they go to sleep you may see 2 figures in the forest after the show way behind the shack no one knows what it is (It's Dipper clone 3 and 4).