Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 3 Episode 8


Dipper and Robbie get in a fight over Wendy.So Dipper goes to the Manotaurs and he trains with them.Chutzpar the Manotaur tells Dipper to be able to beat up Robbie without getting hurt he must defeat the Gobbling Gobbler.Later,He finds out that Robbie and The Gobbler are related with the Wizard and the 4 Books of Gravity Falls.Meanwhile,Wendy,Stan,Soos and Mabel go to the Carnival and Mabel again tries to get rid of Stan's fear of the scariest ride there;THE STASHIP 2000;A ride where you hold on to the seats and the ride circles around and around.And in the end of the day,Dipper realizes the Watching Wizard of Gravity Falls is after him


Act 1

[The Screen pans to the Gift Shop of the Shack]

[Wendy is texting somebody and Dipper is curious and walks to her]

Dipper:So,Uh,Who 'ya texting?


Dipper:Oh-Uh coool.......Uhhhh I'll be back

[He walks to Mabel]

Dipper:Mabel,I have to stop Robbie from dating Wendy

Mabel:Should I take out Waddles on him when he comes?


Mabel:I'll go get him

Mabel:Waddles where are you Imma gonna get 'chu

[She walks around for a while when the doorbell rings]

Dipper:I'll get it

[He reaches out to the door knob not noticing who is behind the door]

[Dipper gasps]

Theme Song

Robbie:Hey Squi-[He sees that Wendy is looking at him and Dipper]Hey Dr.Funtimes

[Robbie walks past him in anger]

Robbie:So,Babe,how have you been doing in these 3 days?

Wendy:Oh it was cool,Me and Dipper were hanging out,laughing,Telling jokes to each other,Kinda like me and you

[Robbie looks at Dipper in anger and Dipper smiles]

Stan:[screams from his room]Wendy,I need you to clean my car......

[Wendy rolls her eyes]

Wendy:I'm Coming

[Robbie looks at Dipper with a very angry face]

Robbie:[Walks to Dipper as Dipper walks back as well]Ok Listen you little brat,you better stop trying to mess with me and MY Wendy NOW

Dipper:Ok Ok-[Makes as angered face]You know what I don't need to listen to you!!!!I can do whatever I want with Wendy Whenever GOT IT!?

Robbie:Oh so you want to fight huh?

Dipper:[starts sweating]No I'm Not gonna-

Robbie:OH NO Don't think you AREN'T fighting me cause YOU Started messing with me AND MY WENDY!

Robbie:Circle Park meet me there in 2 hours or else i'll tell Wendy you secretly love her and other fake rumors

[He leaves]


[Mabel raises her eyebrows]

Dipper:I'm screwed

Mabel:Don't worry Dipper,[looks to Stan's room]I think I know how to solve this problem

Dipper:You DO!?

[She nods and the Screen automatically goes to Stan's Bedroom]

Mabel:TADA[waves her hands to Stan as Stan starts snoring]Grunkle Stan will help you become "Manly Mannington"

Dipper:Are you sure he's gonna help me wit-

Mabel:GRUNKLE STAN[Dipper leans back and Stan stops snoring and wakes up]

Stan:What'chu want slick?

Mabel:Dipper wants to become a manly man and he wants you to learn the powers of the manly

[Stan is confused and grins]

Stan:Pffft you want[starts laughing]ME to help HIM!?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Stan:No way;Even if I help him he still will be a "Cutie Patootie" and,he will get beat up by Robbie;but don't worry slick,i'll tell his mom[He instantly falls asleep]

Dipper:No Mabel,don't you see this is a bad idea;HE'S GONNA TELL HIS MOM!


Dipper:Robbie will start telling rumors about me to WENDY

Mabel:Fine how 'bout we go around Gravity Falls and find people that HAVE TO get you manlier and stronger

Dipper:Fine,but this better work

[A montage happens whileTraining Mix plays]

[Dipper and Mabel arrive at Greasy's Diner and see Manly Dan and Dipper asks him if he could train him to become manly but Dan instead chases them out of the diner]

[So,they later go to Bats Biker's house and ask him if he helps but it looks like he broke his leg and they keep on going to every one they know and they go back to the Gift Shop at the Mystery Shack]

Dipper:[Sighs and stares at the wooden floor]Well,looks like Robbie is gonna kick my butt now so I'm just going to my room and wait til' this day is over.[He starts walking to the stairs as he hears Mabel]

Mabel:[Brainstorms]Hey I got it!

[He looks at Mabel]

Mabel:Remember about 2 months ago,we were at Greasy's Diner?You were embarrassed about the game that tells you your strength and you decided to train with somebody,I just don't know who you were with,I only saw a glimpse from the Diner's window.

Dipper:Oh you mean the Manotaurs?

Mabel:Uhhhh Yes?

[Stan walks by]

Stan:Kids;we are headed to the Carnival again wanna go?

Mabel:Dipper do you wanna go wit-

[He runs out of the Shack and heads to the Forest to find the Manotaurs]

Mabel:Well,Grunkle Stan Dipper isn't coming with us

Stan:Well ok then let's just go;Soos!Ya coming!?

Soos:Yes Mr. Pines

[They leave along with Wendy BTW]

[Dipper is on the Mystery Cart and he sees where the manotaurs trained him about 2 months ago;The Man Cave]

Dipper:Here it is

[Dipper goes through the cave leading to staircases and then he sees all the manotaurs puching each other playfully]

Manotaur 1:Hey It's Destructor!

Manotaur 2[Chutzpar]:Hey Destructor

Manotaur 3[Pubertar]:What do you seek?

[They all get quiet]

Dipper:Well,I got in a fight with this guy

Chutzpar:Mmmmhmmmm Mhhhmmmm

Dipper:He like;totally wants to get rid of me,so can you help?

Chutzpar:I accept your request

[A montage happens;Dipper is seen running a lap across the forest,fighting a snake,jumping mountain to mountain,hitting the pain hole,and fighting lions and tigers]

Dipper:Is this all the training?Cause I feel even more manlier than I used to

Chutzpar:Well,to officially become a manlier man than the other task I gave you to kill the Multi-bear,you have to defeat the Gobbling Goblin

Dipper:Gobbling Goblin?Uhhh Okay,I shall defeat THE GOBBLING GOBLIN!!!!

Chutzpar:Yeah But first,you'll need "The Man Dagger"

[Chutzpar gets the dagger and gives it to Dipper]

[The Screen pans to the Carnival]

Stan:We're here

[Mabel,Wendy,and Soos get out of the car]

Stan:I really hope you guys don't get me into that scary ride over there

Mabel:[gasps]YOU MEAN THE STARSHIP 2000!?Wendy,Soos we have to go to that ride

Stan:Oh boy

[The Screen Pans to a Cave]

Dipper:Where are You Goblin!?

[A green creature pops out of the shadow]

Gobbler:Right Here;and the name's Gobbler

[They start fighting and The Gobbler nearly knocks out Dipper]


Gobbler:Haha It's time to die child

Dipper:What do you want from me man!?

Gobbler:Well,I'm afraid I can't tell you;but yo should be able to put the pieces together

Dipper:[Confused]I still don't understand

Gobbler:TOO LATE!

[The Gobbler attacks him]

[The Screen Pans to the Starship 2000 ride in the Carnival]

Mabel:Yay! We're next in line Grunkle Stan

Grunkle Stan:Whatever;I ain't getting on that ride again!

Mabel:Oh yes you are;last time we came I tried to get rid of your fear of the ride but you never conquered it,so now I-


Mabel:Am Going to-



Stan:[looks down]Oh boy

[Everyone from the ride comes out looking dizzy,and it's there turn to ride]

Stan:[gulps]Are you sure you want ME to ride THAT!?

[Mabel,Wendy,and Soos nod and Stan gulps and looks at the ground,and they walk inside along with a couple of people]

[The Screen Pans to the Cave where Dipper and the Gobbler are]

Dipper:LET ME GO!!!

[Dipper stabs Gobbler with the dagger Chutzpar gave him]


[The Gobbler punches him and then Dipper stabs him]

Gobbler:BE warned child;I know you more than you do yourself;and I know what you have inside your vest;VOLUME 3!!!

Dipper:[gasps and thinks to himself]He wants MY BOOK!

[Dipper gets out of the cave (which is probably 10 stories above the ground)and jumps to the woods while Gobbler does the same in order to catch him]

Gobbler:You're mine Rodrick!

Dipper:[Gasps]You know my REAL NAME!?

Gobbler:Like I SAID;I know you more than you do yourself

[After A while,They both see Robbie walking across the woods]

Gobbler:What the?Xylam?What are you doing here you're supposed to be with Zedgar and Yagemo

Dipper:Xylam?;Zedgar?;YAGEMO!?Wait one minute;Zedgar was the brown monster that was UNDER MY BED![See Dipper vs The Monster Under the Bed for more information about Zedgar]

Robbie [AKA:Xylam]:Oh uh..Hi DIPPER hehe

Dipper:What are you doing here?And why did he just call you Xylam?

Robbie[Or Xylam]:Well since you're a kid and no one will believe you...Yagemo;Watching Wizard of Gravity Falls assigned me AKA Xylam;Zedgar;and the Gobbler AKA Wedzer to find a female to use to perform the spell to give him the powers to take over Gravity Falls

Dipper:But why does Yagemo want to take over Gravity Falls!?

Xylam:Cause he was to be known as the best and as king;and plus [Whispers]He's a little crazy and insane

Dipper:And how is the female gonna do the spell?

Xylam:Simple;We just all 4 Books;Starting with your Book.

Dipper:Wait a minute;Wendy is the girl you want to perform the spell right

Xylam:Yes but you won't be alive to tell about all of this

[Xylam and the Wedzer walk towards Dipper as Dipper starts running;they also start running towards him]


[The Screen Pans to the Starship 2000 ride in the Carnival]

Mabel:Yay!WE'RE IN!

Stan:I'm officially scarred for life

Wendy:Oh come on Stan;it's not that bad

Soos:Yeah Mr. Pines

Stan:Quiet Soos


[The Ride starts and Stan holds on to the rail]

Stan:OH NO NO NO NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Everyone in the ride looks at Stan including the gang]

[Then in the outside of the ride,Dipper is seen running away from Xylam and Wedzer]

Xylam:Give us the book or we'll kill you!


Wedzer:Very well then

[Dipper smirks]


Dipper:[Gasps]No Don't!

[The Starship 2000 ride ends and Stan,Soos,Wendy,and Mabel come out]

Stan:I DID IT!!!I conquered my fear of THE STARSHIP 2000!!!

Stan:[Stares at Xylam and Wedzer]Xylam;Wedzer?What ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE!?

Dipper:You know these guys!?

Stan:Oh...Uhhhh[Scratches his scalp]Nooooo......Ugh Fine I do know these guys

Wendy:But Why the heck are you calling Robbie Xylam?

Xylam:Look babe;My name isn't Robbie;it's Xylam

Wendy:Are you embarrassed[Laughs]of your real name?

Xylam:No actually UH;RAAAHHHH!!![Punches Dipper,takes away the book,grabs Wendy,and flees along with Wedzer

Wedzer:Don't think this is over boy!!

[Wedzer,Xylam,and Wendy disappear]

Mabel:Ok so....Me and Soos are the only ones that don't know what the heck is going on right now

Dipper:But seriously Grunkle Stan;YOU KNOW THEM!?

Stan:[sighs]Yes.Here's the story:When I was 25,My family moved here in Ol' Gravity Falls.I was walking across the woods when I saw the weirdest book you'd know:It's title was 4.It also had 6 fingers on the cover-

Dipper:You have Volume 4!?I had Volume 3 before Xylam and Wedzer took it from me like 2 minutes ago

Stan:You had 3!?

Mabel:Me and Soos still don't understand what's going on


Stan:Forget about 3;We're talking about 4 here people;Anyways:I took 4 home and after that,I noticed strange things across Gravity Falls.Vampires,Death Worms,Zombies like Xylam,ETC.Almost a year later,I discovered the Secret of Gravity Falls.The secret is Yagemo;Wizard of Gravity Falls;Made all 4 Books after discovering strange creatures;and he got a female to perform the"Femelin Spell"That only Females can perform to make the victim the most powerful being in Gravity Falls

Dipper:Hey;Xylam told me Wendy was gonna be the female to do that spell

Mabel:Let him finish!

Stan:Furthermore,He got a siren(Mythical Female Creature)to do it for him and he became all mighty;That is until I reversed the spell with my magical fez that I found in the woods,and then I got my monster hunting nephew Philip to capture all the creatures in Gravity Falls and he put them in a cage;and I made a lever machine in a nearby tree to keep the cage active;the cage included Xylam;Yagemo;And Wedzer;But for some reason when you two came a bunch of the monsters were released

Dipper:[Gasps]Wait just one minute;I think I was the one who released THEM!

Stan:Is that where you found Volume 3?


Stan:Aha!That explains it;When I reversed the spell the books were left on the ground so I hid them across Gravity Falls hoping that Yagemo never finds them

Soos:So are you like some kind of hero?

Stan:Pretty Much


[Dipper runs off]

Soos and Stan:Dipper WAIT!!

To Be Continued

Extra Notes and TriviaEdit

The tree Stan put the lever machine in was the tree Dipper was by when Dipper activated the switch to release all creatures.