The Jack in the Box is a paranormal creature created by the Brass Demon. He is amongst the most disturbing of all the paranormals created by the Brass Demon and his second in command, Bill Cypher.

Appearance Edit

The Jack in the Box takes form of a deformed dead human corpse in a jester suit with the neck and spinal region bending down and stretched out like the toy it's based on. It's eye sockets are empty except for glowing red dots in the eyes. It's limbs are freakishly long and bony.

Role in Gravity Falls Edit

The Jack in the Box is the finest and disturbing of the paranormals.

His debut was in Pop Goes the Grunkle, when he is tasked with haunting Grunkle Stan by doing the most creepy stuff he could do, one of which was disguising himself into a boy crying out blood from his eye sockets. When Stan was going to approach the boy, the Jack turned into it's true form, leaving Grunkle terrified. He does however manages to kill the Jack in the Box by stuffing bombs into the 'box suit' of the Jack, but the Brass Crawler, a lighter transformation of the Brass Demon, resurrects it in the post credit scene.

A cypher (in Caesar), VJG LCEM YKNN JCWPV UVCP, translates to 'The Jack will haunt the Grunkle.'

It returns in Darkness Incarnate, but in another form, the Puppetmaster, where he is taller in size and wears a Plague Doctor mask. In this episode, Samuel and Soos find a cave behine a few bushes, where they see a clone of Samuel himself. Real Samuel approaches this clone, the clone saying "I'm blind" heaps of times.

Approaching the clone, Samuel finds out that the clone was actually the Puppetmaster in a disguise.