Steve has a normal teenage dare with Wendy's friend, Robbie.

The BeginningEdit

(Steve and everyone else is at the Mystery Shack)

Wendy:(looks at clock) Time to go. Later dorks!

Lee:(from outside) Hey Wendy! We found a box of Extra-Spicy Jalapenos! We should have a dare!

Steve:A Pepper dare! I'm in!

Robbie:You don't even know us.

Steve:Who cares? I am 100% sure I can beat you guys at eating those!

Robbie:Your on!

Wendy:I gotta check this out!

Dipper:I call judge!

(silent chirps)


The DareEdit

Dipper:Rules are simple. Finish your pack of jalapenos as quick as possible. Winner gets 5 bucks.

Mabel:Ohhh. Ohhh. Can you make it 25?(hands Dipper 20 bucks)

Dipper: Make that 25! Ready. Set. GO!

Steve is now eating jalapenos fast.

Robbie is also eating jalapenos fast.

Dipper: Looks like Steve is in the lead by 5. Make that 6. 7!

Steve: I can do this all day!

Robbie:I have few tricks up my sleeves.

Dipper:Steve is suddenly stopping! What is this?

Few Minutes agoEdit

Robbie:Lee, I need you to hide this habanero in that Asian nerd's pack. Make sure to use a green one.

Lee:Ok man.

Steve's ReactionEdit

Steve:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I ate somthing that is WAY spicier than a jalapeno! I've been cheated!

Robbie: Too bad. Cuz I just(eats one more) WON!

Everyone cheers for Robbie.

Steve:You cheated!

Robbie:Too late, I already won!

Steve:You will pay for this!

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