This is a part of a series I'm making.

A contract killer named Wall and his boss and friend Mole go to Gravity Falls to do their job: kill the targets, no questions asked. But when Wall encounters an old love, the 15 year assassin and his 34 year old friend remember their goal: to kill that person, which was the reason Wall became a cold blooded assassin he was today.

Note Edit

Its not canon. Plus, I'm new here, so I'll try my best to write what I know.

Chapters Edit

Prologue - Wall's Demons Edit

It was a sunny day and 15 year old assassin Wall drove into Gravity Falls on his motorbike. It was Carnival Day there and he bought a bucket of candy floss. Wall never ate junk food, since he keeps himself fit. But he buys candy only a year as a treat.

Wall used to come here every summer when he was a kid, back when he was just a normal kid. When growing up he met someone: Someone who worked here who he barely talked about, since she left him for someone else. Wall became cold blooded but secretly, he was very heart broken inside. He hated it there ever since, he barely set foot in the store.


His bro Ripley Mole was calling him. He was disguised as a civilian apart from his mask, to hide his scars on his face. Wall and Mole worked with each other. They were like brothers: Mole had brains and wisdom while Wall had brains, wits, and skill. Wall ran up to Mole.

"What is it?"

"Follow me."

Wall follows Mole to a caravan parked at the lookout. This is their base located in Gravity Falls that they are using temporarily. Wall grabs his sword he used to decapitate Finn the Human in his massacre in Ooo. Wall kept Finn's hat as a trophy ever since. Wall was sharpening his sword as Mole, being the boss as usual, explains Wall's targets.

"I know you hate coming here since..."

"Don't even."

"Well, we came here because of the revenge scheme we are planning."

"Revenge scheme?"

"Wall, listen. We are going to kill some targets that live here. This dude with white hair sent us a message by crow. He even included on the, well, you know who..."

"That's my business."

"We are gonna kill them. I'm gonna tag along for once."

Why Mole cared so much about Wall's demons remained a mystery to him, but Wall would never reject his friend's offer. After all, Mole has more skill than Wall, and they will assassinate til their retirement.

"Now you're talking!"

"And I pick the first guy to kill."

"Revenge will be served."

Chapter 1 - Dead Man McGucket Edit