Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 3

In the night Mabel reads Dipper's 1 Book and looks at a page about Vampires she gets scared and wakes up Dipper and he tells her everything's finewith the crystal he got in the table.Then a Vampire is seen in the window.That's when the theme song starts.After the song,Dipper reads the page in the morning Stan gives them breakfast to eat and then Jackson comes and visits Mabel.Dipper gets suspicious about him like Norman.Mabel and Jackson are about to head to the Gravity Park when Dipper tells them if he can go.Mabel says he can't come but Dipper decides to go with them without them knowing.Meanwhile, a Vampire named Valerie is told by her Dad to get some blood to drink for Dinner During the night.Wendy and Soos are working at the Shack when Stan is asleep they both mess with him.Then Stan mumbles My Book" during Wendy and Soos's Mess Around. After a while at the Park The 2 and Dipper head to their house.Dipper goes through a short cut and arrives first.He pretends he's been at the shack.Dipper writes everything he's seen so far but Jackson hasn't been doing anything bad.That night,Valerie the Vampire heads to the Shack and sees Dipper and Mabel.She breaks through the window and the only ones that wake up are Dipper and Mabel.Valerie bites Mabel then Mabel turns into a Vampire.Valerie leaves with a jar full of blood and goes home.Meanwhile Mabel hits Dipper and he lands on the ground(outside) and runs from Mabel.After a while, Dipper reads the Vampire Page that has a spell that stops the Vampire Virus He says the Spell and Mabel goes back to normal. They get back to the shack and watch Television.Then,Dipper examines the crystal trying to find out what it is,when in the morning they hang out with Wendy at her hiding place and play with the acorns along with Mabel and Waddles in the background.

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Valerie The Vampire

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