Thanks for Visiting: Gravity Falls is a television movie based upon the television series Gravity Falls. When all the creatures of Gravity Falls come out of the shadows to attack humans, Mabel and Dipper are the only ones who can stop them.


Pines, Dipper Pines, Mabel
Pines, Stanford Wendy
Soos Mystery Man
Gleeful, Gideon Gnomes, The
Gobblewonker, The Giant Bats
Floating Eyeballs Multi-Bear
Wax Figures Manotaurs, The
Ghosts, The


Production notesEdit


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  • During the beginning scene, the book, 3, says "Wkrxjk wlph lv uxqqlqj vkruw, wklv odvw phvvdjh pxvw eh uhdg...". This decodes to "Though time is running short, this last message must be read...". The rest of the message may continue on the next page.
  • During the end credits of the episode, there is a cryptogram that says "WKH FXUVH KDV QRW EHHQ OLIWHG.", which decodes to "THE CURSE HAS NOT BEEN LIFTED."
  • On the DVD and Blu-Ray menus, the cryptogram "WKH EDWWOH PXVW EH NHSW VHFUHW." can be read when one clicks the Scene Selection button. This translates to "THE BATTLE MUST BE KEPT SECRET.".