Sheriff Blubs:Hey,come to see this.

Deputy:Oh not again.

Blubs:McGucket,please stop building machines.Some of them are too dangerous.

McGucket:But I need this machine!I need a bigger house!And I am Old Man McGucket!

Deputy:We'll have to take you to our section if you won't stop!

McGucket:Oh fineeeeee.But I can't let it's not finished!

Blubs:We dont'care.Just leave already.

At the shack:Edit

Wendy:Did you two noticed Stan talks alone in the room?I mean..Soos's not at work,and you two are here.

Dipper:(Oh crap!That's Stanley who he is talking to.What do I say now..)Um....yea..he..probabily drived crazy.

Wendy:Look what I found on the street earlier.

Mable:Oh!!Is it a toy gun?

Wendy:It doesn't seems to be a toy.It resembles a gun,but many differences.

Dipper:Hmmm..I am gonna look in the book.


Dipper:Okay.There's nothing about it in the jour....are you taller?

Mable:DIPPER!Wendy used the gun-look alike,and it made her taller.

Wendy:Dudes,why are you getting littler,and littler?

Dipper:Oh no!We aren't getting more're getting taller!

Wendy:That gun....I will be giant!We must stop the process.

Dipper:What if I shoot you again?*tries and fails*

Mable:It's not working..

Dipper:Wendy,fast!Tell me where you found this gun.

Wendy:On a street...I guess AB Link.Oh no.I am getting to tall!I have to go out the shack,or I'll break it!


Dipper:Good.While I'll be off,you...try to hide yourself.

Wendy:Dude..I'm too tall to fit in a house,and you tell me to hide??

Dipper:Ok..just....don't attract attention over you!*leaves*

Wendy:I am hungry.

Mable:You cannot leave!You'd be seen.

Wendy:Awww man.

On a street:Edit

Dipper:Grunkle Stan???

Stan:Hey Dipper.I was just coming home.


Stan:Yes.Anything wrong at the shack?

Dipper:Noooo.Everything is fine.Everything!Seriously!

Stan leaves:Edit

Dipper:*Calls Wendy*

Wendy:What's wrong?

Dipper:I met with Grunkle Stan.He is going to the shack.Leave that place!

Wendy:Where should I go?...Oh no!He's almost there!I can see him!


Wendy:I am taller than the shack.How could I hide?

Dipper:Hmmm..I know!Send Mable to keep Stan busy on his way to the shack,until I will be coming with a possible antidote!

On a different street:Edit

Mable:Hi Grunkle Stan.


Mable:WAIT!You cannot go to the shack!

Stan:Why not?

On Street AB Link:Edit

McGucket:Where is it?I need it!

Dipper:Did you...

McGucket:MY GUN!


McGucket:I've built it to make my house bigger!

Dipper:Well,a friend of mine found it,and now she keeps growing.You gotta make an antidote!

McGucket:Tipalapu!I've gotta reverse the polarity of the gun!Give it to me!


McGucket:Here kid.

Dipper:Great!Now to go home!

In front of the shack:Edit

Mable:You can't go...

Stan:Let me go home,Mable!*goes in the yard*Hi Dipper!Wendy!


Wendy:Hi Mr.Pines.

Dipper:Hi Grunkle Stan!

Stan goes in the house:Edit

Dipper:Phew!It was at the limit!Now let's destroy this gun!*steps on it*

Qhaw Wlph:Mrxuqdo 2