"Official" BioEdit

Steve is a 15-year old Korean-American guy who is stranded at Gravity Falls with his family on a camping trip. However, he seems a little..... weird.

Steve Lee
Background information
First seen The Dare
Voice Jisu Lee
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Steve Lee
Other names
Personality Nerdy, mysterious
Appearance Skinny
Birthday April 12
Occupation Student on Vacation
Home Beaverton Oregon, the NORMAL part of Oregon
Enemies Grunkle Stan
Dislikes American Food
Powers and abilities Time Traveling(Currently Unavailable
Weapons Temporal Paradoxes(ALSO currently unavailable)
Fate Keeps changing between life and death.
Quote I blame the internet!, This does not compute!

Time TravelingEdit

(1: This may or may not be Jisu Lee-canon(which means this is a work in progress idea, may be scrapped)

(2: This may or may not creep you out, cuz i am like that)

(3: This may or may not confuse you)

He is a student on vacation....... that won't be happening until 20-30 years! That's right, he is a time traveler! With the help of his multi-billionare adoptive-father, he decided to spend his summer break following his biological father's footsteps through time! Unfortunatly, the time traveling necklace's time traveling funtion broke(which he has to fix it on his own), stranding him in Gravity Falls with his 14-year old version of his biological father, trying to hide this fact. His bio-father thinks Steve is his newest friend.



He views Dipper as a cool kid and tries to be friends with him, although Dipper doesn't trust him.


Steve has a love-wierd relation with her: Steve is impressed by her knitting skills and likes her randomness, but he doesn't like that look Mabel gives him.

Grunkle StanEdit

Blames him for "losing" his parent's stuff and stranding them here. Hates him. Period.


He thinks Wendy is cool, but not her friends due to an incident involving a dare.

Weird thingsEdit

  • He "knows" stuff
  • He talks weird somtimes
  • Wears weird clothes
  • Always keeps close attention to his necklace
  • Talks to "himself"
  • His pocket is bulging with stuff.

Mystery Message:

Good luck figureing it out!:

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