Dipper:Hey,Grukle Stan!Can I have my book ba....*realize that Stan is not in the room**finds the book on the floor*.Hmm...this is weird.

Mable:Look Dipper,I made a funny haircut along with Soos!

Dipper:Mable,Grunkle Stan is not there.But the book was on the floor.

Soos:There's a letter here.

Mabel:*reads*"I'll be back soon.I went to...."

Dipper:Went to what?

Mabel:That's the endining,Dipper.

Soos:Well,we must just wait for him to return then.

  • Opening*

Dipper:...This is....MABEL!COME HERE!

Mabel:What is it?You intrerupted my and Waddles game.

Dipper:This object from the book,it looks like the time machine of Blendin!The one we stole!

Mabel:Yea yea,it looks like it,*turns around*,let's go back to our game Waddles.

Dipper:Mabel wait!If this is in the book,it means that the object is here!In our present!

Mabel:Cool!Let's go to get it,and make two dinosour kiss!

Dipper:What?No!We gotta go back in to save Tyrone!


Dipper:Oh yea,you weren't here to know....It's a long story!I'll be back soon!


Dipper goes to the forest,and finds the time machine*

Dipper:Ok,here I come,Tyrone!

  • Travels back in time*

Dipper:Hmmm,I see.So now is the clone fight....*accidentaly falls into the singing place*

Mabel:Don't start un-believ.......Dipper?What are you doing here?

Pacifica:Ok enough!She stopped signing,so it's done!


Dipper:(Oh no!I changed the flow of time,I gotta return to see if everything's ok)

Mabel:Dipper!Why you did this?


  • Tyrone dies while this happends*

Dipper:(Oh no!I am too late to save Tyrone.Now not only that I haven't saved him,but I also changed the flow of....Oh wait...cronologicaly,now's the time when me in the past is gonna enter this room...I gotta get out of there)*runs out*

Past Dipper:Hey,Mabel!

Mabel:You ruined my chances!I hate you!

Past Dipper:What are you talking about?

  • Dipper goes back in the future*

Dipper:Hmmm,everything seems normal.*enters the shack*.Mabel!Where are you?

Wendy:What?Mabel is back home,duh.Since you ruined her chances of winning against that other girl,she went back home.


Wendy:I don't know what's wrong with you.....

Gideon:Pines Fammilly!I am back!And I am getting that deed!

Dipper:(Gideon is not on prison?And where do I got thoose injures from?Oh wait...without Mabel,without Mabel's grapling hook,I falled down of the bridge....)

Stan:Ugh,Gideon!Get out!


Stan:Huh???????Dipper,what's that?Is it Book 3??

Dipper:You know bout it?

Stan:.....What is this universe?This is not what it is supposed to be.I supposed to be in a world where Mabel is here.....

Dipper:(He remembers the original timeline?Or is it something else...anyway,I gotta go back in time and stop myself)

  • travels back in time*

Dipper:Dipper wait!

Dipper that altered the time:Who are you?You're me?How is it possible?

Dipper:I am a Dipper from the future.After you altered the time.Instead of saving Tyrone,you're gonna end by ruining Mabel's chances,she'll hate you,go back home,and everything will be different,in a bad way!

Dipper that altered the time:How do I know you're me?

Dipper:*Shows his birthmark*

Dipper that altered the're me...I gotta return to the original time,before I do what you said I wi...

Suddenly,the two Dipper unites*

Dipper:I unite with him?Hmm...maybe I got a second second chance..but I better not use it.I better just return back.

He returns back.


Mabel:Did you saved Tyrone,whoever that is?

Dipper:No...But I saved you!


Dipper:(But comes Grunkle Stan realized the timeline was wrong?And where he is?)


Kh nqhz ehfdxvh kh kdg wkh phprulhv iurp wkh uljkw wlpholqh.

Once decoded,it says:

He knew because he had the memories from the right timeline.