Life in Gravity Falls

Robbie V is a Creature that lives in Gravity Falls. He was friend with a girl named Wendy. He first appears in The Inconveniencing hanging out with His friends when Wendy meets him. Dipper and Mabel meet him and his friends.In Double Dipper, He is seen with Wendy hanging out in the Party. Then in The Time Traveler's Pig, He asks out Wendy and she says yes.Later,in Fight Fighters he realizes Dipper has a crush on her.Then in Hunter of the Falls, Dipper and his Monster hunting Uncle Phillip realize Robbie is a zombie. He then appears in Season 3 of Mysteries of Gravity Falls and threatens to kill Mabel if Dipper leaves Wendy alone but he doesn't know that Dipper does not like her anymore and is going out with a girl named Andrea. That is the last of Robbie.

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Dipper meeting Robbie for the first time

Episodes he Appears in

Headhunters(In a picture) The Inconveniencing Double Dipper The Time Traveler's Pig Fight Fighters Hunter of the Falls