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The dealEdit

Dipper was reading his book and then Bill appeared and said remember 

That deal a few weeks ago? Well,it's time so he opened a portal mable

Said what did you do!!! Bill pushed them in the portal and they were in a another 

Section headingEdit

Dipper was reading his book, mable was playing with waddles, in other words, it Was a normal day. Sadly, that was not to last.... Because a giant portal suddenly appeared in their room " come on!" Dipper said angrily, then the twins were sucked into the giant portal. They realized that they were in the mystery shack " what happened?" Mable said, confused. Then they saw grunkle Stan come in, but he was wearing a flowery shirt And no fez, for some reason. He walked over to them, and exclaimed "Kids, that was a great show!" Then he nervously patted mable on the head, and sat down on on a chair. Of course, this confused them more ever. Dipper took out his book, hoping That he could figure out what the HECK was going on here. He flipped through Page after page, hoping that he could get to the bottom of this. Mabel decided to head outside, figuring that she might as well go outside. Mable saw robbie and Wendy hanging out, which was weird, considering what had happened last week.... Dipper froze, processing what he had Just read... Was it possible?

~ Mable headed over to Wendy and robbie "why are you hangin with robbie?" Mable said suspiciously "I mean, considering what happened last week..." Wendy looked at mable, confused, then horrified "I-I didn't know anything!" She screamed, ducking behind the bench "whatever happened, I don't know!" She said anxiously. This did NOT help mable's confusion... AT ALL Then dipper ran outside, holding out his book "Mable, I think I know what is going on here!" He exclaimed. Mable turned to dipper, ready to have her confusion cleared up. Dipper opened up his book, and flung it at her " I think we ended up in a alternate universe!" Well, that helped explain things somewhat.... But she was still kinda confused... But then a thought occurred to her.... What if they couldn't get back?