Dipper:Mabel,do you see that?


Dipper:It's the mailbox!In our room!The one that tells you the future!

Mabel:Let's ask him things.

Dipper:Ugh,ok..but try not to insult him again.

Mabel:Will I have a summer romance this summer?

Mailbox's message:Keep dreaming girl,keep dreaming.

Mabel:Awww man....

Dipper:My turn!Where is Stan?He went missing since Gideon was arrested.

Mailbox's message:Books!!

Dipper:Books?What's that supposed to mean?

Mailbox's message:Stan's  tatoo


Mabel:Stan's tatoo.The one we tried to see...

Dipper:Mailbox,what's up with Stan's tatoo?

Mailbox's message:It means he's in SS.

Dipper:Ugh,that hurts my head.....I don't understand anything.

Grenda:Hey Mabel!

Candy:Hey Mabel....and *shy* Dipper.

Mabel:Girls!This mailbox knows the future.You can ask him anything.

Grenda:Candy,you ask first.

Candy:*writes something secretly*

Mailbox's message:Yes!Sometimes!


Dipper:What did you asked?


Grenda:My turn!Will I always be fat?

Mailbox's message:Yes.


Dipper:Ok now!Stop asking stupid things.We can use this to find some important things.Such like when we'll die.*"writes*

Mailbox:You dared to ask about your own dead...You're a fool!And you'll regret this!*Mailbox transforms into a monster with a mailbox as the head*

Mailbox Monster:Your own dead.....IS NOW!


Mailbox Monster:You weren't supposed to die now..but since you asked when....I will make it happend earlier.

Dipper:Aaaah!!!Mabel,call Grunk.....oh yea...we don't know where he is.

Mailbox Monster:*shoots will letters*

Soos:Hey gu.....*get eaten by Mailbox Monster*


Dipper:Book 3 says:"The Mailbox Monster is the monster that will call out the dead"What is that supposed to mean??

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