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Mabel Pines
Background information
First seen
Voice Kristen Schaal (USA), Gretchen Sands (UAN)
Inspiration Ariel Hirsch
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Mabel Katherine Pines
Other names
Birthday 12 (born August – September 1999)
Occupation Employee at the Mystery Shack
Relatives Mr. and Mrs. Pines (NLG) (parents), Dipper Pines (NLG) (twin brother), Stan Pines (NLG) (great-uncle), Arthur W.J. Pines (NLG) (great-grandfather),
Allies Soos, Wendy Corduroy (NLG), Penny Peterson (NLG), Grenda Choi(NLG), Candy Chiu(NLG), Waddles(NLG), Micheal
Enemies Gnomes,Wax figures†,Gremloblin,Joel
Likes Sweaters, Romance, Sparkles, Vampires, Being silly, Gummy Koalas, Halloween, The truth, Mermando, Hanging out with her friends, Cats, Sev'ral Timez, Stickers, Color, Matchmaking
Dislikes People messing with her brother, Being insulted by Pacifica Northwest, Smile Dip, Heights, Being in charge, Lies, Claymation, Country music 
Powers and abilities
Weapons Grappling Hook, attack glitter
Quote To Micheal: "Of coruse, you can be the best you ever are. I mean who needs enemies when you can have a long lasting friendship?"

Mabel Pines (born August–September 1999,[1]) is a bouncy, energetic, optimistic 12-year-old girl spending the summer with her Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where she and her brother frequently encounter the supernatural. The deuteragonist of the series, she takes a much less serious approach to life than her twin as she navigates her odd new surroundings.

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For a complete list of Mabel's sweaters, see the List of Mabel's sweaters.

Mabel is a short twelve year old girl, exactly one millimeter taller than her twin brother. She has round blushing cheeks, long brown hair that reaches her hips, her eyes are the same brown as Dipper's,and she has braces. Mabel's apparel varies for each episode, more so than any other character's, with at least one new outfit usually consisting of a sweater, undershirt, skirt, headband, black shoes, white socks, and occasionally earrings, though she does deviate from this look occasionally. Her signature outfit is a pink sweater with a rainbow shooting star falling toward the left, a matching pink headband, and a purple skirt with black shoes and white socks. Penny also has one, put it was purple instead of pink and says Penny on it.

Her underwear can show in two ways: One way by Joel, or a different factor.

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  1. 5 minutes before Dipper, in Piedmont, California