Gravity Falls Book 3 eyepiece 2

Dipper Finding The 3 Book

Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 5

Dipper wakes up in the morning and he talks to Wendy.That's when the theme song starts.After the song,Robbie and the rest of the gang come to visit Wendy while Stan is asleep, the customers are angry and leave.Dipper hangs out with the gang but Robbie bullies him and tells him to leave and Dipper leaves to the attic,and remebers the time he found the 3 Book and misses it.Wendy and the Gang Get angry at Robbie for bullying.Wendy breaks up with him and hang with Mabel,Jackson,and Dipper in the attic along with the gang then Robbie leaves angrily.Meanwhile,a Hunter named Phil is seen destroying The Swamp Monster Dipper fought,and then he heads to the Mystery Shack.When he arrives he rings the doorbell, and Dipper Opens the door.Phil explains that he's Dipper's uncle and Stan's nephew and that he is a monster hunter.He tells Dipper if he wants to help him find a zombie he's seen in his tracking radar,Dipper decides to go with him.Meanwhile,Everyone in the Shack wonder Where dipper went after he answered the door they decide to go with him.Later,Robbie is seen walking to his hideout and transforms into a zombie.Then,Dipper and Phil Look for Zombies and remebers the page for it but in the 3 Book.He tries to find a page about zombies in the 1 Book,but couldn't find any.Meanwhile,Tambry,Nate,and Lee Leave to their homes,and Wendy gets back to work and Soos is working the light bulbs.Jackson shows Mabel the 3 Book he found in the woods and tells her he used to have the 1 Book but lost it during a Camping Trip with his Family.Mabel Tells him Dipper used to have the 3 Book but found the 1 Book,so Mabel and Jackson head to where Dipper is and get on the Mystery Cart to find him.Later,Phil's Tracking Device Starts Beepingand they see Robbie.Dipper says it must be a mistake but Phil Disagrees and attacks Robbie while Dipper protects Robbie,but Robbie hits Dipper and Phil then,Dipper decides to get revenge on him for all he has done to him.After,a minute of fighting Robbie turns back into a human and flees.Both Dipper and Phil are Confused.Dipper says anger might get him into a zombie and sadness gets him into a human.Mabel and Jackson find Dipper and tell him about the Book situation they switch books and Dipper is both Happy and confused,and now Jackson has the 1 Book.Dipper explains About Robbie and when they arrive at the Shack and tell Wendy,She is really confused about her dating a zombie but they broke up anyway.Phil leaves and Dipper and mabel Tell him See you Later.In the End Credits Wendy Calls Everyone about the whole Robbie thing and they all get scared a little.