Gravity Falls with Leia and Aiden is a TV show created by Thibo1102, and a spin-off to Gravity Falls.

NOTE: This is not canon to the original series, and thus, doesn't catch up with it.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Aiden Bennett - The main protagonist of the series, and brother of Leia Bennett
  • Leia Bennett - The main protagonist of the series, and sister of Aiden Bennett
  • Dipper Pines - The main protagonist of the series, and brother of Mabel Pines
  • Mabel Pines - The main protagonist of the series, and sister of Dipper Pines

Supporting Edit

  • Stan Pines - Owner of the Mystery Shack and Dipper and Mabel's Grunkle
  • Soos Ramirez - The mechanic at the Mystery Shack who likes to hang out with the kids
  • Robert Bennet - Aiden and Leia's grandfather
  • Wendy Corduroy - A worker at the Mystery Shack who likes to hang out with the kids
  • Paciffica Northwest - The most popular and richest girl in town
  • Grenda - One of Mabel's best friends
  • Candy Chiu - One of Mabel's best friends.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Hello Gravity Falls! - Aiden and Leia move to Gravity Falls.
  2. Four's A Crowd - Aiden and Leia meet Dipper and Mabel, another pair of twins living in Gravity Falls, they tell Aiden and Leia about all the weird stuff going on in Gravity Falls.
  3. Once Upon A Swine - The Mystery Group are having a sleepover and they take turns telling fairytales.
  4. Freak Show! - The Mystery Group go to the circus to help Aiden with his fear of clowns, but things take a turn when the ringmaster turns out to be a crazy demon...
  5. Below Zero - It's Grunkle Stan's birthday, so he throws a big party, but Dipper accidentally creates an Ice Monster that trashes the party.
  6. Twinning Isn't Everything - It's the annual Twin Games and the Mystery Group competes against eachother.
  7. Double Trouble - Leia finds the copying machine, and uses it to do more things at once, but things get worse when the Dipper clones return and start a rebellion against the twins.
  8. The Magicamonicom I - Bill returns to Gravity Falls trying to get his hands on the Magicamonicom.
  9. The Magicamonicom II - Bill takes over the different members of the Mystery Group, trying to find they're weakpoints so he can steal the Magicamonicom.
  10. Itsy Bitsy Giant Spider - In the hopes of getting to know more about the Magicamonicom the Mystery Group looks for the giant spider Arachnimo, but to him, they're only dinner...
  11. Night of the Vampire - It's Summerween again and there's been sightings of giant flying creatures all over the town, so the Mystery Group investigates.
  12. Wild Soos - After watching a movie about people living in the wild, Soos decides to live in the wild, and he tricks the kids into coming with him, but the wilderness gets to them...
  13. Siren's Song - A girl called Amy Sieren moves into town, to compete in a talent show, unknowingly to the judges, she's actually an evil hypnotizing siren!
  14. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - After Mabel gets the lead role in a play, the ghost of a deceased actress posses her body and tries to get revenge on the town.
  15. Mask of Magic - After Soos finds a magic mask, he decides to wear it to the costume party he was going to, but apparently the mask turns the costumes into real-life versions of them!
  16. Death or Dare - Mabel dares Dipper to stay a whole night at the graveyard, with Paciffica Northwest.
  17. Stay Awake - The group has to stay awake al night or else the demon Zechxus will take them with him to the mirror dimension.
  18. Twins vs. Twins - The Mystery Group gets into a disagreement and decide not to be friends anymore.
  19. The Flu - A mysterious flu spreads over the town, and Soos has to find a cure.
  20. Pull the Strings - An evil puppeteer takes control over Aiden, Leia, Dipper, Mabel, and Soos, so it's up to Candy and Grenda to save them.

Season 2 Edit

  1. It's Magic! - A magician called Zarko comes to town, and uses Leia as his assistent, but it turns out he's an evil demon in disguise!
  2. Not So Happy Campers (1/2) - The Mystery Group decides to go to a new camp in town, but wierd things are going on...
  3. Camp of Horrors! (2/2) - Aiden and Soos face off with the ghost of Counselour McHornes, while Mabel and Dipper try to defeat the other ghosts.
  4. Cool Dipper - Dipper gets possesed by a cool jacket he found, and becomes the coolest kid in town, but also the coldest.

Trivia Edit

  • The main characters of the show, Leia and Aiden, are based off two characters from one of my older stories.