Gravity Falls Season 3 Fanon (LAV76) is upcoming Fanon series about the continuation of Gravity Falls. It was announced on 21/02/2016. The first episode, titled A New Friend is confirmed to air in March.


The main characters are confirmed to be:

Dipper Pines

Mabel Pines



Stanford Pines

Stanley Pines

Note: Others are going to be announced soon.


Dipper and Mabel find themselves in big danger when new kid arrives to their school.

Ford and Stan have a new mission, right there in Piedmont.

Meanwhile, Soos and Melody are spending great time in Gravity Falls, when mysterious things begin to happen.

There is a high probability of the return of a significant risk may be


No. Episode Name Airdate PC Viewers
1. A New Friend  3 March 2016 301 TBA
2. Spotlight 5 March 2016 302 TBA


  • This Fanon Season was announced less than a week after Season 2 ended.