Gravity Falls - The Next Summer is a sequel series to Gravity Falls. It takes place in 2013, when all the characters are one year older than in the original series, and traveling across the Earth.

Main characters Edit

Dipper Pines - A 13-year old on a mission to tackle any mysteries across the globe.

Mabel Pines - A 13-year old on a mission to bedazzle all 50 states of the US.

Stanley Pines - An old man taking his brother and great niece and nephew on a trip on the "Mystery Ship" built by his brother.

Stanford Pines - An old man working on a "Journal 4" and rewriting his previous journals.

Soos Ramirez - A former employee of the Mystery Shack, and now the pilot of the Mystery Ship.

Wendy Corduroy - A teenage employee of the Mystery Shack whose place hasn't changed since.