Eye am Watching You
Gravity Falls series
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Production information
Production code TBA
Story by Bill Cipher
Written by Bill Cipher
Storyboards by Bill Cipher
Directed by Bill Cipher
Broadcast information
Original air date August 30, 2013
International date

Eye am Watching You is a fan episode of Gravity Falls.


When Dipper and Mabel go to the park in the middle of the night, they discover some floating eyeballs. Dipper takes a picture of them, and brings it back to the Mystery Shack to tell everyone, though Grunkle Stan says it's a myth, and Wendy says that he has a strong imagination, so Dipper looks in his book and he and Mabel plan to take everyone out in the night to find them.


Mabel walks towards Grunkle Stan, asking him if she can go to the park. Dipper gets confused as it is dark outside but Stan allows them anyway. Mabel tells Dipper that she goes every night and that it's really fun. Dipper tells her that she is the only one who goes to that park. Mabel says that everyone goes to the park, but Dipper tells her "yeah, but only in the morning." Manly Dan is seen on a swing just before the opening sequence.

Later, Mabel covers Dipper's eyes and walks him to the park, which turns out to be just a slide and two swings. Dipper says its boring, but Mabel slides a bunch of times, apparently going through to 3am in the morning. When Dipper says that they have to go home, Mabel says she always looks at the flowers before she goes. They look at the flowers. Dipper says that their kind of nice, but his eyes pass by another eye. It sticks out of the ground and starts floating up and staring at Dipper and Mabel, and a bunch of other floating eyeballs come out of hiding.

to be continued...after my writers block is finished.

Production notesEdit


For a full transcript of Eye am Watching You, click here.


  • The eyeballs' pupils don't shrink when Dipper takes a picture of them, despite the fact that they were blinded.


  • During the end credits of this episode, there was a cryptogram that read "VWRS VWDULQJ DW PH!". Once decoded, it reads "STOP STARING AT ME!".
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