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Quick SummaryEdit

After being called weak, Dipper seeks a way to prove himself strong and useful. Luckily, there's a gypsy in that book... Later, Mabel trys to keep in her hyper because of a startle she caused.


Dipper and Mabel are hanging out near the desk, as usual. The goat is found, again, chewing on Mabel's sweater sleeve. Wendy is reading the magazine near the cash register, as the regular schedule. Soos was sweeping the floors, not to mention getting cuts in his feet from the long glass shards on the floor. Dipper was well prepared with the bandages near him as he read his book. Strangely enough, those were the same bandages that caused the mess. Customers were looking around, avoiding the glass, but other than that, it was the usual. However, there were two smarter customers; a bat and a tall teenage girl, with the bat sleeping and the girl scowling at the expensive prices, ready to leave at once. Grunkle Stan entered the room later, and the teenager with her bat snuggled on her sunhat left, without spending a penny. "At least someones smart enough to look at the prices..." muttered Dipper, turning to a page showing a room, filled with many zodiac and mysterious items, and at the middle of the page, a creepy cloaked figure with cat eyes, seeming to stare into his soul. Dipper quickly looked to the page in the right, showing the text saying "Gypsy Caves". Mabel quickly got bored from talking to Wendy and quickly popped up behind Dipper. "Whatcha readin'?!" she said, with a suddenly higher rank of hyperness. Startled enough, Dipper jumped a bit in fear, losing his spot in the paragraph. "Mabel, do you really have to be that hyper? I almost got a heart attack!" Dipper said, a bit angry at Mabel.