Chapter 1
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Bill Cipher as a Dragon

The sun was beginning to climb into the clear blue sky as tourists crowded around the Mystery Shack. Their voices were loud and excited about some new attraction Stan Pines has created. Yet another coax created from the hundreds created already. The old Shack was full of those dumb enough to be pulled into the pathetic lies Stan has created. Or so Bill has gathered from watching.

He was by a tall pine tree, leaning on one of its many branches. He was rather bored with the Pines family, especially Ol' Six Fingers and Pine Tree. Neither of them had made a new discovery or breakthrough that lured them out of the Shack. The dream demon really had nothing to do but watch all of the idiotic humans pour out of the gift shop.

Really, all the humans in the town were all the same. Dumb, easily tricked, Bill could have fun going though their minds. Do they ever fear of Death? Of how much closer they come to dying each year they age? Yes, Bill wasn't worried himself. For the demon aged very, very, very slowly. But there was one particular that caught his eye. A young female with light blonde hair and chilling blue eyes. She only took one look at the ridiculous group then turned away after one second.

Bill leaned on the branch some more, intrigued. She was not like the others, he could tell she was not from this strange town. She didn't look anything like Shooting Star or the female Pine Tree had taken interest in. With her black coat, her combat boots, torn up jeans, and goggles on her head; she was completely different.

He floated towards her, giving a quick look around to see if anyone knew he was there. As he got closer to her, he imminently knew that she was 17. It had been a while since Bill had been around an older female, one older than Shooting Star. Though he noticed that she was staring at a patch of grass which puzzled him until he noticed the shininess of the blades. It must have been the Gnomes. He rolled his eye, some magical creatures could be really idiotic at times.

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