Double Clone Dipper

Dipper remembering the time he met Tyrone

Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 4

It is 7:36 in the morning and Stan is reading a book while Jackson comes and hangs out with Mabel and Waddles,while Dipper is looking at the crystal The Manotaurs gave him and is still suspicious about him being Avery in disguise (Jackson is just a normal person not a monster with a normal family).Meanwhile,Clones 3 and 4 are looking for Dipper in the woods.That's when the Theme song Starts.After the song,They think of Dipper's thoughts when Dipper is remembering the time he met tyrone and the disinagrated clones when he remebers 3 and 4 haven't died.3 and 4 find out what he's been doing and head to the shack but where Stan doesn't see them.they go through the vents and attacks Dipper but Dipper explains everything that happened and apologize to him.Stan is coming upstairs when 3 and 4 hide.He tells Dipper to put some posters in the woods for customers,dipper agrees and heads to the woods with 3 and 4. The 3 put all posters with a lot of teamwork and effort and hang around the woods for awhile.Meanwhile,Bigfoot is seen as a shadow walking away when Mabel and Jackson head to the Gravity Park while Wendy is taking care of Waddles and Soos is working the register when Manly Dan comes in to visit Wendy with his sons( Names Still Unnamed).Jackson and Mabel are walking through the park when Jackson tells Mabel if she is noticing something weird about Gravity Falls,Mabel tells him he's alot like Dipper and says yes.Later,Dipper,Rodrick(3),and New Tyrone(4) are in the Swamp area in the woods heading back to the Shack when they see This Swamp Monster.They all scream and run from it.After 2 minutes of chasing,The Monster blows water from it's mouth and disinagrates New Tyrone.Now it's only Dipper and Rodrick,but it disinagrates Rodrick too.Before Rodrick dies he tells Dipper Farewell and good luck when he then dies.The Monster hears something and leaves.Dipper is bummed out about him having no friends,but when he arrives at the shack,Mabel,Jackson,Wendy,her brothers,Manly Dan,Stan, and Soos are there,and Jackson tells Dipper about very mysterious things about the things he's seen and Dipper Makes friends with him and realizes there is nothing wrong about him.

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